Brussels, summer of 42. Young Simon witness horrified his father being arrested and deported by the Nazis. Simon manages to escape to England where he’ll be living with his grandfather Abraham, an austere and distant person. In this exile, Simon doesn’t find any support from Abraham ; this old cultured man attached to the values of the Jew tradition despites Simon’s laic up-brings. Neither shares the same understanding of life or religion.
When they learn about the horror of Shoah and the probable disappearance of their relatives, it’s the youth of Simon that will give to the old man the strength to face an unbearable reality…


Technical informations

Director : Olivier Van Malderghem

Scriptwriter : Olivier Van Malderghem

Casting : Jean-Pierre Marielle, Julien Frison, Aurore Clément,
Agathe Natanson, Marina Kobakhidze, Pierre Dherte, Claire Vernet

Producers : Polaris Film Production & Finance & Saga Films

Distribution : Eurozoom

Premier France : Mars 28th 2012

Festivals : Busan International Film Festival 2010 & Mostra São Paulo International Film Festival 2010