Geraldine je t’aime


Samuel needs to share for a few days an improvised carpool with a young woman. While he evokes a message painted on a water tower, this one breaks down in tears and tells him the bitter memory of a scoffed love. Samuel decided one night to repair the humiliation.

Technical informations

Director : Emmanuel Courcol

Scriptwriter : Emmanuel Courcol

Casting : Grégory Gadebois, Julie-Marie Parmentier
Lisa Feneux, Isabelle Turschwell, Céline Grolleau, Marie Prado

Producer : Polaris Film Production & Fiance

Festivals : Leuven International Short Film Festival 2013, International Festival of Francophone Film in Acadie of Moncton (Official Selection) 2013, French Spring Festival in Ukraine 2013 & Richmond French Film Festival 2014

Awards : Audience Award of Leuven International Short Film Festival 2013